Does Human Factors/Ergonomics Contribute to the Quality of Life?


Hancock P.A., & Drury, C.G. (2011). Does Human Factors/Ergonomics contribute to the quality of life? Theoretical Issues in Ergonomic Science, 12, 1-11.

Our study explores the moral bases of human factors/ergonomics (HF/E). Since their inception, these co-evolving facets of the human enterprise have espoused a dedication to the quality of life. We examine whether this principle has been adhered to or transgressed during the history of, the current instantiation of and the future of HF/E. Such deliberations depend upon whether human beings are viewed as the means of production in a capitalist system or as the fundamental ends of that society. This is a political decision that those in HF/E have to partake in as individuals and as professional groups. Such a decision cannot be neglected since: `The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who great moral conflict and it is upon the outcome of such decisions that the value of HF/E must and will be judged.

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