Graduate Students

Keith R. MacArthur, M.S.

Keith “Mac” MacArthur discovered the MIT2 laboratory through his undergraduate academic mentor, who subsequently introduced him to the laboratory manager at the time. Mac successfully completed and defended his undergraduate honors thesis on the deindividuation of automotive drivers in the Summer of 2014 and a sixteen month post Baccalaureate internship with the MIT2 laboratory where he was promoted to the position of Laboratory Manager.

Alexandra Kaplan, B.A.

Alexandra ‘Xan’ Kaplan came to the MIT2 laboratory in the fall of 2016. She is a graduate student in the Applied Experimental Human Factors program, with research interests in human robot trust.

Tiffani Marlowe, M.S.

Tiffani’s research interests include: physiological measures, human performance, trust, human-robot interaction, training simulations and usability.

William ‘Billy’ Volante B.Sc.

William Volante began working in the MIT2 laboratory in 2014 as an undergraduate research assistant. Upon graduating from the University of Central Florida in 2015 with his degree in Psychology he has continued his research in the lab as a graduate student, pursuing his Ph.D.

Theresa Kessler, M.S.

TheresaTheresa is a 2001 graduate of Nicholls State University with a B.Sc. in Marketing and a 2013 graduate with Honors in the Major of the University of Central Florida with a B.Sc. in Psychology. She joined the MIT2 laboratory in February of 2013 as an undergraduate research assistant under the guidance of Tracy Sanders, and has continued with the laboratory as a graduate student.

Valarie A. Yerdon, M.S.

Valarie Anne Yerdon is a Human Factors and Cognitive Science Psychology PhD student with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience, under the advisement of Dr. Peter Hancock and Dr. Lauren Reinerman-Jones at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and the Institute of Simulation and Training (IST).