Should Human Factors Prevent or Impede Access?


Hancock, P.A. (1998). Should human factors prevent or impede access? Ergonomics in Design, 6(1), 4.

     Probably very few people who read this article do not have access and have not used the World Wide Web. Beneath all the hyperbole and promotion exists a real, evolving system that already has had a substantial impact on the world. The promises of the Web are many, and it is an almost unavoidable conclusion that it will be a major social force in the coming century and perhaps millennium.
     One obvious vision is that an individual will have on-line, real-time access to the sum total of human knowledge, both historical information and contemporary developments via a small, lightweight, wearable device as common as the present-day watch. This will be a supreme educational tool. It will allow our children a dynamic and exciting window on knowledge for learning and exploration.

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