Driver Workload Response to In-Vehicle Device Operations


Jerome, C.J., Ganey, H.C.N.,Mouloua, M., & Hancock, P.A. (2002). Evaluating the effects of in-vehicle devices on driver performance. International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics, 8(4), 521-528.

A central concern of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is the effect of in-vehicle devices (e.g., cell phones, navigation systems, radios, etc.) on driver performance and safety. As diverse and innovative technologies are designed and implemented for in-vehicle use, questions regarding the presence and use of these devices assume progressively greater importance. Further concerns for advanced driver training require us to develop and validate reliable and effective procedures for assessing such effects. This work examines a number of candidate procedures, in particular the evaluation of change in cognitive workload as a strategy by which such goals might be achieved.

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