Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems: Problems and Promises


Hancock, P.A., & Caird, J.K. (1992). Intelligent vehicle highway systems: Problems and promises. Human Factors Bulletin, 35(10), 1-4, (Part I), 35(11), 5-7 (Part II).

In an HFS Safety Technical Group newsletter article, we examined some human factors and safety issues involved in the implementation of intelligent vehicle highway systems (IVHS; Hancock et al., 1991).  We focused on driver workload in an operating environment that promises to significantly increase the presentation and availability of information.  However, the issue of workload is only one facets of the integration of human capabilities with a more complex technical driving environment (Sheridan, 1991, 1992).  Here we discuss problem areas that, when addressed, will lead to a fully functional IVHS system.

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