Human-Automation Interaction Research: Past, Present and Future

Hancock, P. A., Jagacinski, R. J., Parasuraman, R., Wickens, C. D., Wilson, G. F., & Kaber, D. B. (2013). Human-Automation Interaction Research Past, Present, and Future. Ergonomics in Design: The Quarterly of Human Factors Applications, 21(2), 9-14.

Scientific research accesses the past to predict the future. The history of science is often best told by those who have lived it. Our purpose is to provide a brief history of human-automation interaction research, including a review of theories for describing human performance with automated systems, an accounting of automation effects on cognitive performance, a description of the origins of adaptive automation and key developments, and an identification of contemporary methods and issues in operator functional state classification. Based on this history and acknowledgments of the state of the art of human-automaton interaction, future predictions are offered.

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