Tracy Sanders, Ph.D

Tracy Sanders comes from an extensive background in fine art and graphic design, and continues to be interested especially in the role of aesthetic qualities in human factors research. She received her B.S. in Psychology in 2011, with a minor in Studio Art at the University of Central Florida.

As an undergraduate, she studied trust in human robot interaction, time perception, and 3-dimensional studio art. She also holds an A.S. in graphic design form The Colorado Institute of Art. Now a Ph.D. student in the Applied Experimental and Human Factors Psychology program at the University of Central Florida, she is a research assistant on the RCTA, Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance project, focusing her work on the aesthetic components of trust and robotics, and the physiological indicators of trust in HRI.

Applied Experimental and Human Factors Ph.D StudentUniversity of Central Florida
B.S., Psychology, University of Central Florida