The Simulation of Human Core Temperature


Hancock, P.A. (1980). Simulated and experimental temperature responses in man during exercise in varying environments. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 10, 1-9.

Two fit subjects performed two cycle-ergometer exercise bouts, one of 200 W for 48 min with a following 12-min recovery phase and one of 250 W for 30 min with a subsequent 15-min monitored recovery period. Experiments were performed in ambient conditions of 18 +/- 1 degrees C, 52% relative humidity ± 5% and 0.5 m·s-1 + 0.5 air velocity (mean ± range). Experimental values obtained from rectal and tympanic temperature sites were compared with simulation figures produced from a FORTRAN model of human thermoregulation. Data obtained provide qualified experimental support for the concept of a simple feedback model to simulate human core temperature during exercise in ambient temperatures below 20°C.

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