The Key to a Quiet Life… or Death?

Hancock, P.A. (2011). The key to a quiet life .. or death? The Ergonomist, 487, 4-5.

For most of the history of the modern automobile, the start function has been initiated by turning an ignition key which is typically carried on a keychain holding a bunch of keys that unlock many of the portals in our lives. Who, for example, has not experienced the dread and anxiety that goes along with ‘losing’ ones keys? However, the digital age has begun to chip away at the necessity of carrying pieces of small sculpted metal in our pockets or purses. Crucially, however, as the traditional key is phased out of our lives, many of the learned and ingrained behaviour patterns associated with the keys have not caught up with the change. There are dangers associated with one such keyless evolution, namely the operation of new ‘keyless’ vehicles.

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