On The Left Hand of Time

Hancock, P.A. (2011). On the left hand of time. American Journal of Psychology, 124(2), 177-188.

The present experiment examined the effects of sex and handedness on the perception of brief intervals up to 20 s in duration. In order to obtain participants with sufficiently high scores on a scale of handedness, we screened 1,276 people; the process yielded 16 men and 16 women eligible for testing. In an empty production procedure, each person estimated 4 intervals of 1, 3, 7, and 20 s, respectively, using both their preferred and nonpreferred hands to provide recorded responses. The order of presentation was randomized across participants but yoked across the sexes in each of the respective handedness subgroups. Results indicated significant effects for handedness in conjunction with the hand used to make the respective response. The pattern of these interactive effects differed between male and female participants, however. These results are discussed in terms of a hemispheric account of interval timing control and potential sex difference in hemispheric specialization.

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