Subjective Workload in Simultaneous and Successive Type Vigilance Tasks


Gluckman, J.P., Warm, J.S., Dember, W.M., Thiemann, J.A., & Hancock, P.A. (1988). Subjective workload in simultaneous and successive type vigilance tasks. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 26(6), 517.

(presented by Joel S. Warm) – The NASA TLX was used to assess subjective workload in the performance of comparative discrimination (simulations) and absolute discrimination (successive) vigilance tasks with high and low discriminability signals.  Overall workload was greater in the context of weak signals.  Consistent with findings that vigilance tasks are stressful, overall scores indicated that subjects found the tasks to be taxing.  A subscale analysis showed different components to be critical in contributing to the workload of the two tasks

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