Sans Subjectivity, Ergonomics is Engineering


Hancock, P.A., Weaver, J.L., & Parasuraman, R. (2002). Sans subjectivity, Ergonomics is Engineering. Ergonomics, 45(14), 991-994.

We much admire and agree with many of the points and issues that Annett has raised and believe his work has great value for both researchers and practitioners in ergonomics and allied fields. We also believe that Annett’s paper will join others in giving the lie to the frequent assertion that ergonomics is an atheoretical field, an ‘appliance science’ (Hancock 1997), not fit for the high company of theoretical psychology and at best a poor cousin to higher forms of engineering.  Annett’s rich theoretical observations, in contrast, begin to bring to the fore crucial philosophical questions that underpin the ergonomics enterprise.

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