Individual Differences in Behavioral Compliance to Warnings Representing Varying Degrees of Threat


Weaver, J.L., Gerber, T.N., Hancock, P.A., & Ganey, H.C.N. (2003). Individual differences in behavioral compliance to warnings representing varying degrees of threat. International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics9(2), 149-160.

Research regarding warning compliance has often emphasized the physical aspects of the warning itself. Here, we examine the role of the perceiver in sensation seeking and health orientation as individual difference variables that affect behavioral compliance to a health warning. The experiment used a laboratory-based simulation of a chemistry demonstration that has been used in previous warnings research. In addition, however, individual difference effects of sensation seeking and health orientation were investigated. Among the significant findings were a significant interaction between condition assignment and sensation seeking on compliance outcome and a significant interaction between condition and health orientation. These results indicate that individual difference variables represent significant influences on the degree to which persons comply with warnings.

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