Hedonomics: The Power of Positive and Pleasurable Ergonomics


Hancock, P.A., Pepe, A., & Murphy, L.L. (2005). Hedonomics: The power of positive and pleasurable ergonomics. Ergonomics in Design13(1), 8-14.

In this article, we introduce a new term into the human factors/ergonomics lexicon: hedonomics. We define hedonomics as that branch of science and design devoted to the promotion of pleasurable human-technology interaction. In advocating for hedonomics, we seek to augment and expand ergonomists’ arsenal for improving the design of all human-machine technology.
Our intention here is to (a) provide a philosophical framework for hedonomics; (b) contribute a model of a design priority hierarchy, in which we explain in detail the concept of individuation as the ultimate human approach to technology; and (c) offer potential design guidelines for and areas of hedonomic research that we believe should be pursued as an agenda for progress in the near future.

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