A Meta-Analysis of Factors Impacting Trust in Human-Robot Interaction


Hancock, P.A., Billings, D.R., Olsen, K., Chen, J.Y.C., de Visser, E.J., & Parasuraman, R. (2011). A meta-analysis of factors impacting trust in human-robot interaction. Submitted.

Robots are frequently used in environments that are unreachable by or are unsafe for human beings. Robotic operations include, among others, planetary exploration, search and rescue, activities that impose hazardous levels of workload on human operators, and actions requiring complex tactical skills and information integration (Hinds, Roberts, & Jones, 2004; Parasuraman, Cosenzo, & de Visser, 2009). Robotic usage is penetrating into many diverse applicational realms, especially in the advanced surgical areas and as assistive technologies for injured and disabled persons (Guizzo & Goldstein, 2005; Heerink, Krose, Evers, & Wielinga, 2010; Tsui & Yanco, 2007). When they are used in military operations, robots are often currently perceived as tools to be manipulated by humans to accomplish specific discrete functions (Chen, Barnes, & Harper-Sciarini, 2010).

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