A Fat Man Chasing Seagulls

Hancock, P.A. (2000). A fat man chasing seagulls. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Bulletin. (Presidential Column), 43(6), 2.

     This article has one purpose – to get you to think about your local HFES chapter and whether you ought to be more involved in its activities.
     Over the past five years participation in local chapters has decreased. Figure 1 illustrates the number of chapters that hold one meeting in each of the past five years. Although the number of chapters has been relatively stable over time, the inescapable conclusion is that many chapters are having a difficult time remaining active. In fact, last year almost half our chapters met only once or not all.
     Perhaps this trend reflects a downward turn in the local economies that affect human factors professionals. The membership of these chapters may not be eroding as HFE jobs have been lost in these regions. In fact, the overall membership of HFES has slightly declined over this same period.

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