Triggering Dynamic Function Allocation


Hancock, P.A., & Scallen, S.F. (1997). Triggering dynamic function allocation. Ergonomics in Design, 5(3), 5-6.

     The article, “The Future of Function Allocation,” by Hancock and Scallen October 1996 issue very well explains the paradigm shift that has taken place in this area of human factors. One has to admit that with the evolution of complex systems, adaptive or dynamic function allocation is far superior when compared with static function allocation.
     However, the questions as to who will trigger the dynamic function allocation was left unanswered in the article. One may ask, should the machine be give the prerogative of triggering function allocation by making it monitor issues such as critical events, human performance, measures, and so on based on an algorithm, or should this responsibility be assigned to the humans, considering that they also have the ability to self-monitor (e.g. “Do I feel extremely fatigued? Am I about to be overwhelmed because of mental and/or physical overload?”) using such heuristics as meta-cognition?

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