The Tale of a Two-Faced Tiger


Hancock, P.A. (2005). The tale of a two-faced tiger. Ergonomics in Design13(3), 23-29.

By recognizing the commonalities across apparently dissimilar accident types , designers can help reduce their frequency and impact.

For individuals in their first eight decades of life, the main threat of accidental death comes from road traffic crashes. Above age 78, the major cause of accidental death is slips and falls. As shown in the figure on page 24, in the United States in 1996, these two categories were the leading causes that accounted for 61.5% of more than 93,000 fatal accidents (National Safety Council, 1999). As the word category implies, road traffic accidents and slips and falls are considered highly disparate circumstances in which, by inference, differing causal mechanisms are involved.

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