Richard III Society of NSW comments on Dr. Hancock's Murder in the Tower

“The Murder in the Tower” of the title is not what most people might think of, ie. the Princes in the Tower.  Instead, this book offers a fascinating new perspective on the dramatic events of 13 June 1483 and the question why Richard had William Hastings executed in such an uncharacteristically rash way.  The author analyses all the various dramatis personae and their behaviour and possible motivations.
Hancock’s book covers the period from the death of Edward IV (9 April 1483) until Richard became king on 26 June 1483.  His in-depth analysis of the events during this period shows that up to 13 June Richard’s behaviour was completely consistent with his role as protector for Edward V.  However, after that date his behaviour changed and the author therefore investigates the events of that particular day thoroughly…

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