A Research Agenda for the United States Coast Guard


Bradley, K.A., Weaver, J.L., & Hancock, P.A. (2003). A research agenda for the United States Coast Guard. Journal of Human Performance in Extreme Environments7(2), 31-33.

Historically, the United States Coast Guard has not been widely recognized as an armed force relative to those branches housed under the Department of Defense. However, the countries implementation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has resulted in an increased awareness of the Coast Guard as a critical agency in the country’s line of defense. In large part, this change has occurred because the Coast Guard has been incorporated as a part of DHS while previously the agency was housed under the Department of Transportation. Consequently, many problems relating to the day to day operations of the Coast Guard have received relatively little of researchers’ attention. Therefore, there is a need to identify critical issues faced by the members of the Coast Guard. Toward this end, the current paper identifies areas of needed research and provides suggestions for ways they might be addressed by research psychologists.

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