A Note on The Speed-Amplitude Function in Movement Control


Newell, K.M., Hancock, P.A. & Robertson, R.N. (1984). A note on the speed-amplitude function in movement control. Journal of Motor Behavior, 16(4), 460-468.

An experiment is reported that documents the maximum average speed-amplitude relationship across the full range of motion for elbow flexion. Minimum movement time increased as a negative exponential within the movement range up to 94-97% of the maximum range of motion. At this point a discontinuity occurred with movement time increasing at an increasing rate probably due to anatomical and morphological constraints. These results suggest that the maximum average velocity-amplitude boundary to the movement speed-accuracy relationship is curvilinear. Kinematic analysis of the movements as a function of range of motion suggests that a simple pulse-step model of movement control cannot account for the present findings.

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