A Dynamic Model of Stress and Sustained Attention


Hancock, P.A., & Warm, J.S. (1989). A dynamic model of stress and sustained attention. Human Factors, 31, 519-537.
(Reprinted in ‘Classic Articles:’ Journal of Human Performance in Extreme Environments, 7(1), 15-28). (Reprinted in: N.J. Cooke and E. Salas (2008). (Eds.). Thirty Classic Contributions to Human Factors/Ergonomics Science and Engineering. (pp. 418-436), HFES;Santa Monica, CA. Ranked #9 All-Time Paper to Appear in the Journal). (Web of Science–Citation Classic).

This paper examines the effects of stress on sustained attention. With recognition of the task itself as the major source of cognitive stress, a dynamic model is presented that addresses the effects of stress on vigilance and, potentially, a wide variety of attention-demanding performance tasks.

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