Drivers, Don't Trade in Your Smartphone for Google Glass . . . Yet

The MIT2 laboratory has had the first scientific look at using Google Glass to text while driving. The results clearly show Google GlassTM, used in this way, to be a driving distraction. There is a twist, however: Google GlassTM is superior to a smartphone in some regards.


A press release was issued September 24th by the University of Central Florida’s press office. If you would like a copy of the article ahead of journal printing, you may request it by clicking HERE or you may email Ben D. Sawyer at

Researchers associated with this project include:

Ben D. Sawyer – Principal Investigator

Keith R. MacArthur – Research Assistant

Sarah Greenstei – Research Assistant

Jessica Siler – Research Assistant

Jenny Walker – Research Assistant

Daniellys Diaz – Research Assistant

Rebecca McKeog – Research Assistant