Certification and Legislation

Hancock, P.A. (1993). Certification and legislation. In: J.A. Wise, V.D. Hopkin, and D. Garland. (Eds.). Human Factors Certification of Advanced Aviation Technologies. (pp. 35-38), Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

One of the mandates of each of the series of meetings on complex technical systems has been to review, rewrite, edit, amend, and elaborate upon initial position papers based upon insights and interactions that occurred at the meeting itself. i think this is a most laudable aim and one I was able to follow in previous papers (Hancock, 1991, 1993). However, on this occasion, I found that my understanding of certification in a socio-technical context was extended to such a degree that I felt constrained to develop a different paper from my other submission (Hancock, this volume) based upon the metaphorical, analogical, and literal relation between certification and legislation. I offered it with sincere thanks to Tony Debons and the other members of the ‘why’ group whose comments were so stimulating.

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