The Making of a Modern Myth: Edward Leedskalnin and The Coral Castle

Hancock, P.A. (2013). The making of a modern myth: Edward Leedskalnin and the Coral Castle. Skeptic Magazine, 18(1), 44-50

How quickly it is that “how can he do that?” becomes “he couldn’t possibly do that,” which then morphs into “a mysterious entity or force must have helped him do that.” In reality, it is quite remarkable what one human being can achieve when armed with ingenuity, perseverance, the right tools, and time. In fact they can even build themselves a castle. And, that’s exactly what Edward Leeskalnin did in one of the most curious and intriguing of all these human constructions. It is located in Homestead, Florida,1 just south of Miami. Homestead bills itself as the “Gateway to the Keys,” which are an archipelago of islands that stretch away to the southwest, strung out along Highway 1 and ending in Key West.

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