Student Direction

University of Southern California

1)     Von Haenel, A.M. Ph.D., MS (Safety Science). Perception of vehicle velocity by observers of automobile accidents. (Thesis Chairman: Graduated December, 1985). {M1}


2)     Caraveo, S. MS(Safety Science). Anthropometric comparison of cultural differences in industrial working populations. (Committee Member : Graduated May, 1985). [M1]


3)     Guill, S. MS(Safety Science). Noise effects on human short-term memory and mental workload. (Thesis Chairman: Graduated May, 1986). {M2}


4)     Sever, S. MS. (Safety Science). Effects of distracters (physical and mental work) and airway resistance when wearing a respirator on subjective states of the user. (Committee Member, Graduated, 1987). [M2].


5)     Mihaly, T. MSIH (Industrial Hygiene). Exercise and cognition: effects of exercise-induced arousal (Elevated heart rate), limb movement, and practice on four speed of response measures. (Committee Member: Graduated December, 1988). [M3].


6)     Grose, E. M.Sc, (Human Factors). Individual differences in dual task performance. (Committee Member: Graduated September, 1988). [M4].


7)     Cann, M.T., M.Sc. (Human Factors). Age and speed of behavior-Effects o gender, posture-induced arousal, and task loading. (Committee Member: Graduated, May, 1990). [M5].


University of Minnesota


8)     Yang, A. M.Sc. (Computer Science). Intelligent Vehicle Highway Information Systems. (Committee Member: Graduated September, 1992). [M6].


9)     Yang, A. Ph.D. (Computer Science). Motion processing for geographical database systems. (Committee Member, Graduated December, 1992). [D1].


10)   Kozak, J. M.S. (Computer Science). Transfer of training from virtual reality (Committee Member: Graduated, September, 1992). [M7].


11)   McNurlin, T. M.Sc. (Aerospace Engineering). Creating a glass cockpit Simulator. (Committee Member: Graduated December, 1992). [M8].


12)   Evaristo, R. Ph.D. (Management Science). An empirical investigation of the impact of information characteristics and information technology on individual information load. (Committee Member, Graduated, June, 1993). [D2].


13)   Caird, J.K. Ph.D. (Kinesiology-Human Factors). The effect of perceptual modality, hand scale, and gesture dynamics on the perception of object extent in real and virtual environments. (Thesis Director and Chair; Graduated October, 1993). (To: Department of Psychology,University ofCalgary,Calgary,Canada). {D1}.


14)   Weldon, H. Ph.D. (Management Sciences). Information technology and productivity of white collar knowledge workers. (Committee Member, Graduated October, 1993). [D3].


15)   Monsen, L. M.S. (Computer Science). Multiple robot navigation in a known environment with unknown moving obstacles. (Committee Member: Graduated, November, 1993). [M9].


16)   Riley, V. Ph.D. (Psychology). Human use of automation. (Committee Member, Graduated, March, 1994). (To: Honeywell Corporation,Minneapolis,Minnesota). [D4].


17)   Goska R.E. M.S. (Psychology). An aptitude-treatment interaction approach to transfer (Committee Member: Graduated, April, 1994). [M10].


18)   Rausch, R.J. Jr. Ph.D. (Kinesiology). The effects of ramp surface on the locomotor behavior of young children. (Committee Member, Graduated, June, 1994). [D5].


19)   Kernozek, T. Ph.D. (Kinesiology). Biomechanical aspects of the aging motor system. (Committee Member, Graduated November, 1994). [D6].


20)   Duley, J. M.Sc (Aerospace Engineering). Adaptive automation in flight. (Committee Member, Graduated April, 1994). (To:CatholicUniversity ofAmerica, Washington, DC). [M11].


21)   Dewing, W. M.Sc. (Industrial Engineering). Traffic information: The role of message accuracy and content on driver behavior. (Committee Member, Graduated, January, 1995). (To: Virginia Polytechnic andStateUniversity,Blacksburg,Virginia). [M12].


22)   Williams, G. M.A. (Kinesiology-Human Factors). Age and speed of behavior: Laboratory tasks, driving simulation and collision-warning signals. (Major Advisor: Graduated March, 1995). (To: Microsoft Corporation,Redmond,Washington). {M3}.


23)   Owens, F. B.A. (International Relations – Japanese). Virtual Japanese: A new model for Japanese syntax. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. (Director: Graduated, May, 1995).


24)   Orzoff, J. M.A. (Psychology). A biofeedback-based enrollment procedure for increasing accuracy in voice-recognition technology. (Committee Member, Graduated, January, 1996). [M13].


25)   Smith, K. Ph.D. (Information and Decision Science). Decision-making in rapidly changing environments. (Committee Member: Graduated, March, 1996). (To:KansasStateUniversity,Manhattan,Kansas). [D7].


26)   Wagner, D.G. Ph.D. (Psychology). Generalizing recalibration of locomotion to natural spatial updating. (Committee Member, Graduated, June, 1996). [D8].


27)   Jwo, H. Ph.D. (Kinesiology). The effect of age and sex on a reciprocal tapping task. (Committee Member, Graduated September, 1996). [D9].


28)   Arthur, E.J. Ph.D. (Psychology). Orientation specificity in the mental representation of three-dimensional environments. (Thesis Chairman, Graduated November, 1996). (To : Microsoft Corporation,Redmond,Washington). {D2}.


29)   Kelkar, V. M.S. (Computer Science), Prototype and data model of traveler information system. (Committee Member, Graduated, December, 1996). [M14].


30)   Scallen, S. Ph.D. (Human Factors/Kinesiology). Performance and workload effects for full versus partial automation in a high fidelity multi-task system. (Thesis Director and Advisor, Graduated, January, 1997). [Winner, 1996 Matthew J. Huber Award for Excellence in Transportation Research, Center for Transport Studies, University ofMinnesota]. (To: Microsoft Corporation,Redmond,Washington). {D3}.


31)   Manser, M.P. Ph.D. (Kinesiology-Human Factors). Time-to-contact: An examination of research methodology, age, sex, and internal timing mechanism. (Thesis Director and Advisor, Graduated, March, 1997). (To: Texas Transportation Institute,College Station,Texas). {D4}.


32)   Okner, M.A. Ph.D. (Kinesiology). Rest pressure in violin playing: Music, shoulder pad, and chin rest as possible mediators. (Committee Member, Graduated June, 1997). [D10].


33)   Liu, S. Ph.D. (Kinesiology), Analysis of different forms of throwing ability. (Committee Member, Graduated, June, 1997). [D11].


34)   Zuzak, K.J. Ph.D. (Kinesiology). Heart, lung, and perceptual measures of second wind. (Committee Chairman, Graduated July, 1998). [D12].


35)   Guan, J. Ph.D. (Kinesiology). The effect of aging on adaptive eye-hand coordination. (Committee Member, Graduated, July, 1998). [D13].


36)   Ellis, G. MA. (Kinesiology). Virtual reality applications in medical systems. (Program Director and Committee Chair, Graduated, February, 2000). {M4}.


37)   Manning, C. Ph.D. (Psychology). The effect of presentation mode and schema activation on memory for scenes. (Committee Member, Graduated, May, 2000). [D14].


38)   Knecht, W. Ph.D. (Psychology). Effects of critical information saliency on task performance: Application of ecological information augmentation in a cockpit display of traffic information. (Thesis Director and Advisor, Graduated, December, 2000). [Winner, 1999 Matthew J. Huber Award for Excellence in Transportation Research, Center for Transport Studies, University ofMinnesota]. (To: Federal Aviation Administration, CAMI –Civil Aero-Medical Institute, Oklahoma). {D5}.


39)   de Ridder, S.  (Kinesiology). Ph.D. Committee Member. [Fullbright Scholar, Winner, 2000 Matthew J. Huber Award for Excellence in Transportation Research, Center for Transport Studies,UniversityofMinnesota, Co-Winner (with Professor P.A. Hancock), 2001LibertyMutual Award of the International Ergonomics Association]. (To: TNO Soesterberg, The Netherlands). [D15].


University of Central Florida


40)   Morris, C.S. Ph.D. (Psychology). Effects of voluntary control on performance under stress. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated May, 2004). (To Raydon Corporation,Daytona Beach,Florida). {D6}.


41)   Goldiez, B. Ph.D. (Modeling and Simulation). Techniques for assessing and improving performance in navigation and way-finding using mobile augmented reality. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated December, 2004). (Institute for Simulation and Training,University ofCentralFlorida, Deputy Director) {D7}.


42)   Ross, J.M.  M.S (Modeling and Simulation). Non-Thesis Option. Human Systems Track. (Program Director, Graduated November, 2004). {M5}.


43)   Downs, J.L. Ph.D. (Psychology). Vibro-tactile guidance cues for target identification. (Committee Member, Graduated April, 2005). (To Boeing Aircraft Corporation,Seattle,Washington). [D16].


44)   Helmick-Rich, J. Ph.D. (Psychology). Warning compliance: Effects of stress and working memory. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated December, 2005). (To Microsoft Corporation,Redmond,Washington). {D8}.


45)   Mortimer, C. Ph.D. (Psychology). The role of sensory characteristics in multi-tasking: Comparison of touch and audition. (Committee Member, Graduated December, 2005) [D17].


46)   Ganey, H.C.N.  M.S (Modeling and Simulation). Non-Thesis Option. Human Systems Track. (Program Director, Graduated March, 2005). {M6}.


47)   Nayeem, R. M.S (Modeling and Simulation). Non-Thesis Option. Human Systems Track. (Program Director, Graduated May, 2005). {M7}.


48)   Murphy, L.L. Ph.D. (Psychology). The hedonomics of pleasurable human-technology interaction: Effects of exposure and aesthetics on the experience of flow. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated December, 2005). (To Convergsys Inc, Orlando, Florida, Now at Ernst & Young, Cleveland). {D9}.


49)   Rodriguez, M. Ph.D. (Psychology). Time estimation and hand preference. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated December, 2005). {D10}.


50)   Thropp, J.E. Ph.D. (Psychology). Incorporating individual differences into adaptive automation. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated January, 2006). (To NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Titusville, FL.). {D11}.


51)   Ganey, H.C.N. Ph.D. (Psychology). The effects of secondary task demand on the assessment of threat. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated January, 2006). Winner , 2001, 2003, Center for Advanced Transportation Safety and Simulation Scholarship. Winner (with C. Jerome, P. Commarford, & B. Oakley [P.A, Hancock and M.Mouloua Faculty Advisors]. Best Student Paper, 2001 Driving Assessment Conference,Aspen,CO. (To HumanCentric Technologies,Cary,NC). {D12}.


52)   Burke, K. Ph.D. (Psychology). Workload-performance relationships: The effects of time pressure and prior task loading on shooting performance, on friend/foe identification, and UAV image detection. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated May, 2006). (To Honeywell Corp,Minneapolis,MN). {D13}.


53)   Morgan, J.F. M.S. (Modeling and Simulation). Non-Thesis Option. Human Systems Track. (Program Director, Graduated May, 2006). {M8}.


54)   Whitmire, J. Ph.D. (Modeling and Simulation). The effect of in-vehicle warning devices on driver performance in workzones. (Dissertation Co-Director, with Dr. P. Kincaid, Graduated April, 2007). {D14}.


55)   Covelli, J. Ph.D. (Modeling and Simulation). A quantitative measurement of field of view effects on pilot performance. (Committee Member, Graduated, October, 2007). (To Northrop-Grumman Corp). [D18].


56)   Jones, L.M. Ph.D. (Psychology). Effect of repeated function allocation and reliability ion automation induced monitoring inefficiency. (Committee Member, Graduated, November, 2007). [D19].


57)   Greenwood-Ericksen, A. Ph.D. (Psychology) Learning African-American history in a synthetic learning environment. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated, November, 2007). (To Design Interactive,Orlando,FL). {D15}.


58)   Nayeem, R. Ph.D. (Psychology). Investigating the Effects of Tactile Stress on a Military Tourniquet Application Task. (Awarded HFES Student With Honors, 2005), (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated, February, 2008). (From CHI Systems to SA Technologies). {D16}.


59)   Merlo, J. Ph.D. (Psychology). Cross-modal effects in tactile and visual signaling. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated, February, 2008). (To theU.S.MilitaryAcademy,West Point,NY). {D17}.


60)   Ross, J. Ph.D. (Psychology). Moderators of trust and reliance across multiple decision aid agents: The impact of agent reliability, source characteristics, and error salience. (Winner, 2003 APA Division 21 Best Student Paper Award). (Advisor and Dissertation Co-Director with J.L. Szalma, Graduated, March, 2008). (To HumanCentric Technologies,Cary,NC). {D18}.


61)   Morgan, J. Ph.D. (Psychology). Hysteresis effects in driving. (Provost’s Graduate Research Fellowship, 2003; Graduate Research Fellow). Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated, March, 2008). (To Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Virginia Polytechnic Institute andStateUniversity,Blacksburg,VA.). {D19}.


62)   Neubauer, C.E. B.Sc. (Psychology). How close is close enough? Temporal matching between visual and tactile signaling. Honors Thesis. (Thesis Chair). (To Doctoral Program,University ofCincinnati,Cincinnati,OH).


63)   Fatolitis, P. Ph.D. (Psychology). Initial validation of novel performance-based measures: Mental rotation and psychomotor ability. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated August, 2008). To. US Navy, Orlando, FL. {D20}.


64)   Jones, R. Ph.D. (Industrial Engineering). Physical ergonomic and mental workload factors of mobile learning affecting performance and satisfaction levels of adult professional distance learners: Student perspective. (Dissertation Committee Member, Graduated March 2009). Continuing at Lockheed-Martin, Orlando. [D20].


65)  Stafford, S. Ph.D. (Psychology), The effect of screen size on performance of a modified code substitution task. (Winner 2006 APA Division 19 Best Graduate Student Paper Award). (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated November, 2009).  To FULLSAIL University, Orlando, FL {D21}.


66)   Del Giudice, K.V., Ph.D. (Psychology). Trust on the web: The impact of social consensus on information credibility. (Dissertation Director and Advisor, Graduated July, 2010). To Design Interactive Inc, Oviedo. FL. {D22}.


67)   Hughes, A.M. B.Sc. (Psychology). Trauma as a predictor of performance under stress. Honors Thesis, (Thesis Committee Member). Graduated December, 2010, To Graduate School.


68)   Lee, K. B.Sc. (Psychology). Pre-screen of traits that lead to post-truamatic stress disorder with a proposed usgae of simulation as treatment. Honors in the Major (Thesis Advisor). (Graduated May, 2011. To: Lockheed-Martin).


69)   Taylor, G.S. (Ph.D). (Psychology). Comparing types of adaptive automation within a multi-tasking environment. (Committee Member). (Graduated May, 2012. To: IST, ACTIVE Laboratory). [D21].


70)   Sinatra, A. (Ph.D) (Psychology). An examination of schema activation and degraded speech’s impact on attention in a dichotic listening task. (Committee Member), (Graduated February, 2012). [D22].


71)   Kratchounova, D. (Ph.D) (Psychology). The utility of verbal display redundancy in managing pilot’s cognitive load during controller-pilot voice communications. (Committee Member),  (Graduated March, 2012). [D23].


72)   Ballion, T. (Ph.D.) (Psychology). Physiological responses to uncanny stimuli: Substantiation of self-assessment and individual perception in user enjoyment and comfort. (Committee Member). (Graduated, May, 2012). [D24]


73)   Richardson, A.X. (Ph.D). (Department of Industrial and Management Systems). Expanding communication modalities within human robot teams: An evaluation of implicit actions. (Committee Member). (Graduated, June, 2012). [D25].


74)   Woolley, B.G. (Ph.D.). (Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, EECS), Novelty-assisted interactive evolution of control behavior. (Committee Member). (Graduated, June, 2012). [D26].


75)   Oelson, K.E. (ABD) (Modeling and Simulation). Perception of human-robot trust: Development of a self-report trust measure and identification of behavioral cues. (Dissertation Director and Advisor).


76)   Stader, S.A. (ABD) (Psychology). Pedagogical agents and team training (Committee Member).


77)   Lewis, B. (ABD) (Computer Engineering). Human robot interaction and interfaces. (Committee Member).


78)   Ray, J.M. (ABD). (Psychology). Investigation of training approaches for complex decision-making. (Committee Member).


79)   Smoker, T.J. (ABD). (Institute for Simulation and Training, IST). Handheld device usability driving and performance: Does usability and training reduce driver distraction. (Committee Member).


80)   Costello, A. (ABD) (Department of Industrial and Management Systems). Comparing ‘Learning by Teaching’ to Learning by Doing’ Paradigms for a complex Vehicle Control Task. (Committee Member).


International External Examiner


1)     R.E. Schiefer, Ph.D. (Medicine). Thermal effects on the performance of schoolchildren. (University of WitwatersrandJohannesburg, South Africa, Graduated, 1991). [E1].


2)     J. Pei. Ph.D. (Psychology). The accuracy of time-to-contact estimation in the prediction motion paradigm. (University of Canberra, Australia, Graduated, May, 2002). {E2].


3)     T. Alm, Ph.D. (Technology). Simulation-based design. (Linkoping, University, Sweden, Graduated, March, 2007). [E3].


4)     R.R. Seva, Ph.D. (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering). Predictive models of emotions from product design features. (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2007). [E4].


5)     N. Michael, Ph.D. (Psychology), Cardiac and electroencephalographic measures of workload associated with secondary tasks while driving. (Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, Graduated, March, 2011). [E5]


6)     N. Schaap, Ph.D. (Psychology). Driving behaviour in unexpected situations. (University of Twente, The Netherlands, Graduated, February, 2012). [E6].


International Experience


Dr. Hancock has visited the following 23 countries and has delivered keynote speeches in almost all of these nations: Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Wales.


Affiliated Post-Doctoral Researchers


1)     Barbara Carlton (1987-1988),UniversityofSouthern California(Preceptor).

2)     Virginia Diggles (1988-1989)UniversityofSouthern California, (Preceptor)

3)     Pierre Loslever (1991-1992), University of Valenciennes, France. (Sabbatical Leave)

4)     Shinji Miyake (1991-1992) University of Occupational Safety and Health, Kitakyushu, Japan. (Sabbatical Leave).

5)     Wayne Harris (1991-1992) Mankato State University, Mankato, MN (Sabbatical Leave).

6)     Stirling Stackhouse (1991-1996) [From: Honeywell Inc, Minneapolis, MN], [To: Full Retirement].

7)     Willem Verwey (1996), TNO Soesterberg, The Netherlands (Sabbatical Leave)

8)     Mike Manser (1997), [From: University of Minnesota], [To: Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University].

9)     Christian (Kip) Smith (1994-1998), [From: Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota], [To: Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS].

10)   Paula Desmond (1997-1998), [From: University of Dundee, Scotland], [To: Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX].

11)   Steve Scallen (1996-1999), [From: University of Minnesota], [To: Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, WA].

12)   Tom Smith (1996-2001), [From: U.S. Bureau of Mines and Simon Fraser University], [To: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN].

13)   Victor Korcheyev (1996-2001), [From: Moscow, USSR], [To: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN].

14)   Kathleen Harder (1998-2001), {From: Dartmouth College, and Macalester University], [To: University of Minnesota, Minneaplos, MN].

15)   John Bloomfield (2000-2001), [From: University of Nottingham, England and Liberty Mutual Inc.], [To:  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN].

16)   Paul Ward (2002-2003), [From: Liverpool John Moore’s University, England], [To: Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL].

       (Winner 2003 G.E. Briggs Dissertation Award, Div. 21, American Psychological Association).

17)   James Szalma (2002-2006), [From SUNY Farmingdale and University of Cincinnati], [To: University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL].

18) Tal Oran Gilad (2003-2006). {From: Ben Gurion University, Be’er Sheva, Israel. To Faculty Member, Ben Gurion University, Israel. (Winner 2004 G. E. Briggs Dissertation Award, Div. 21, American Psychological Association).

19)   Ann Dalrymple [M.D] (2005-2006). {From: Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland], [To: The National Institutes of Health, Frederick, MD].

20)   Wayne Harris (2003-2006). {From: University of Minnesota], [To: University of Central Florida].

21) Gareth Conway (2005-2006). [From: Leeds University, England], [To: Defense Science and Technology Laboratories, UK Ministry of Defense]. (Winner 2006 G.E. Briggs Dissertation Award, Div. 21, APA).

22)  Aaron Duley (2005-2007). [From: University of Florida], [To: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA].

23)  Karol Ross (2006-2007). {From: University of Tennessee], [To: IST, University of Central Florida, Orlando, F]..

24)   Jong Kim (2009-present). [From: Pennsylvania State University].

25)   James Whitmire (2009-2010). [From: University of Central Florida], {To: Master’s in Social Work (UCF)].

26)   Mark Taylor (2010), [From: United States Air Force (Research Fellowship Year). (Return to USAF Active Duty, Clovis AFB, New Mexico).

27)   Adi Ronen (2010-2011). Ben-Gurion University, Israel (Sabbatical Leave).

28)   Deborah Billings (2010-2012), [From: University of Central Florida], [To: Institute for Simulation and Training, UCF], (Winner 2011 G.E. Briggs Dissertation Award, Div. 21, APA).

29)   James Carter (2011-2012). University of Saskatchewan, Canada (Sabbatical Leave).


Affiliated Pre-Doctoral Researchers


1) William Horrey, University of Calgary, June-November, 1999, to University of Illinois and Liberty Mutual Research Center, Hopkinton, MA.

2) Susan Chrysler, University of Minnesota, June 1992-October, 1993, to Center for Transportation Safety, Texas Transportation Institute, College Station, TX.




I have served as a Mentor to more than 30 Post and Pre-Doctoral Researchers, and have directed Students at the Master’s Level, (8 as Director, 14 as Committee Member). At the Doctoral Level, (22 as Director, 24 as Committee Member, 6 As External Examiner). During my tenure at theUniversityofMinnesota, I supervised five Ronald McNair Scholars and six Minority Scholars. I also directed seven Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) Scholars. At the University of Central Florida I have directed 10 Honors-in-the-Major Undergraduates.




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Undergraduate Honors Seminar: It’s About Time (Co-Taught with Dr. Carol Saunders). Received Burnett Honors College, Interdisciplinary Course development Grant Award.


Additional Service

MoundsViewHigh School(Assistant Head Soccer Coach), 1999-2000 (Section Finalists, 1999, 2000).

UniversityofCentral Florida(Assistant Women’s Rugby Coach), 2002 to 2004. (NCAA Southern Area Runners-Up, 2002).